Pet Mod Book of Enigmas - Slate 3: Same But Different Maybe?


Loosely Resembling Some Variety Of Bird
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:ho-oh: Slate 0 Winners! :lugia:

Congrats to anaconja for winning with Cleansing Fire and Corrupting Storm!​
Paradox: sky
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Effect: When a Pokemon faints, this Pokemon's status is cured.

Paradox: sea
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Effect: When this Pokemon is KOed by another Pokemon, the attacker loses 1/8 max HP every turn until it switches out.

And additional congrats to No One, because No Prefix won our prefix portion of the slate by a staggering amount of votes!

With that out of the way, let's move on to the part we've all been looking forward to:

:suicune: Slate 1: The Actual Beginning This Time :articuno:

It's paradox time! As a quick reminder, we are not treating these submissions as pairs!
They will be treated as separate submissions in voting, so please keep that in mind if you
plan to create any sky/sea counterparts.

Submission rules & guidelines are as follows:​
  • All submissions must have 570 BST - submissions that use mega Pokémon may use 590 BST, but it’s recommended that these types of submissions are made sparingly
  • All sky & sea paradox submissions must use their respective custom abilities - Cleansing Fire and Corrupting Storm
  • All submissions must share at least one type with their original
  • All sky paradox submissions must have odd-numbered stats, while all sea paradox submissions must have even-numbered stats
  • Submissions must use Pokémon from HGSS’ regional dex + swarm mons & regional forms (ie. you can use Typhlosion, since it’s in HGSS’s dex, but you cannot use Corviknight)
  • Movepools will be assumed to be from the original Pokémon’s movepool, unless specified
  • You may submit up to 4 paradoxes, either sky or sea - you may sub 3 sky and 1 sea, 1 sea only, 2 sky and 2 sea, etc. Two submissions will then be voted in - one sky and one sea!
  • Custom moves are allowed
Using this template is not required
[B]Original Pokemon[/B]:

[B]New Moves[/B]:
[B]Removed Moves[/B]:


Name: Big Bird
Original Pokemon: Wingull
Type: Fighting / Water
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 101/101/101/101/101/65 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Close Combat, Zen Headbutt
Removed Moves: Hydro Pump

Description: enormous bird.

Name: Blue Seagull
Original Pokemon: Wingull
Type: Water
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/70 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Dark Pulse
Removed Moves: Hurricane

Description: azure avian.

If you have any questions then feel free to pm any member of council!​
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storm gem.png
(wip sprite)
Name: Flying Specter
Original Pokemon: Sableye
Type: Ghost / Flying
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 85 / 101 / 123 / 101 / 83 / 97 | 590
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Acrobatics, Hurricane, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Air Slash, Air Cutter, Defog, U-Turn
Removed Moves: all Dark-type moves besides Knock Off, Taunt, and Nasty Plot; elemental punches, Calm Mind
Custom Move: Crystal Wave | Flying | Special | 85 BP | 100% Acc | 15 PP | Wind | Suppresses the target's ability if it has a status condition.
Sableye in the Sky?
There have been various reports around Johto of an unidentified flying object; they cluster around Bell Tower, where a few mention a Sableye riding a large, crimson gem, followed by sudden thunderstorms. The Book of Enigmas tells the tale that Flying Specter created storms to block the invaders who tried to steal Ho-oh 150 years ago.
Competitive Description: ursaluna counter + nasty plot user + defogger.

Name: Charcoal Changeling
Original Pokemon: Ninetales-Alola
Type: Ghost / Fairy
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 133 / 95 / 79 / 95 / 79 / 89 | 570
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Transform, Poltergeist, Shadow Sneak, Play Rough, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Moonlight, Healing Wish, Trick
Removed Moves: all Fire-type moves besides Will-o-Wisp, Calm Mind
Shapeshifting Fox?
There have been a few sightings of a dark-gray Ninetales roaming around Ecruteak City. Most assume it is simply a Shiny version, but a couple people have insisted that they have seen it take the form of another Pokemon or even another human.
Competitive Description: the do whatever mon - defensive utility with wisp/moonlight, wallbreaker with nasty plot, even some weird shit like physical band w trick or transform.

Name: Argent Hydra
Original Pokemon: Kingdra
Type: Steel / Dragon
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 80 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 90 | 570
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Autotomize, Gyro Ball, Iron Tail, Iron Defense, Metal Burst, Dragon Rush, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Rapid Spin
Removed Moves: Curse, Dragon Dance, all Water moves besides Flip Turn, Liquidation, and Surf
Armored Seahorse?
A blurry photograph of the sea shows a Kingdra-esque silouhette on Sea Route 41. Fisherman say they swear they saw it in silver armor, racing across the ocean at at least 100 kilometers an hour.
Competitive Description: the steel everyone has been waiting for. plays like jirachonator but with no smash or doom desire.

(wip sprite)
Name: Deep-Sea Sphere
Original Pokemon: Quagsire
Type: Water / Poison
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 102 / 82 / 112 / 112 / 82 / 80 | 570
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Flip Turn, Gunk Shot, Poison Jab, Sludge Wave, Toxic Spikes, Rapid Spin
Removed Moves: Stealth Rock, Recover
Toxic Ball?
Divers in Cianwood City report sightings of a spherical Quagsire engorged with poison - when it senses danger, giant toxic clouds escape from its mouth. So far, they've been dismissed as mistaking a Qwilfish or hallucinating from a Tentacruel's sting.
It follows in the Book of Enigmas that Deep-Sea Sphere was originally a Quagsire that was brought to the point of death by water pollution in the Whirl Islands but was revived by Lugia and sent to the bottom of the sea to avoid further poisoning.
Competitive Description: balanced offense/defense mon with pivoting and hazard setting.
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Ema Skye

Name: Prideful Pair
Original Pokemon: Kangaskhan
Type: Normal/Fairy
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 105 / 115 / 90 / 90 / 90 / 100 [590]
Paradox: Sea (pride)

New Moves: Moonblast, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Misty Terrain, Wish
Removed Moves: none

Description: cool defensive fairy that also packs a ghost immunity

Name: Fowl Behaviour
Original Pokemon: Farfetch'd
Type: Ghost/Flying
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 88 / 106 / 104 / 98 / 84 / 90 [570]
Paradox: Sea (wrath)

New Moves: Poltergeist, Strength Sap, Will-o-Wisp, Destiny Bond, Icy Wind, Thunder Wave, Hypnosis
Removed Moves:

Description: Ursaluna switchin. Walls sets without Crunch or Stone Edge (and Sap allows it to beat Crunch sets). SD with its dual stabs is pretty neat too.

Name: Sealed Greed
Original Pokemon: Clamperl
Type: Water/Fairy
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 82 / 66 / 168 / 132 / 70 / 52 [570]
Paradox: Sea (corrupted by greed)

New Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Energy Ball, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Misty Terrain, Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Draining Kiss, Shadow Ball, Trick, Pay Day, Grass Knot, Calm Mind, Rapid Spin, Crunch, Psychic Fangs, Ice Fang, Teleport, Sparkling Aria
Removed Moves: Shell Smash

Description: big physical fairy with some utility. checks weavile pretty hard and can check Ursaluna.

Name: Envious Leech
Original Pokemon: Omastar
Type: Rock/Flying
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 70 / 76 / 126 / 128 / 100 / 70 [570]
Paradox: Sea (corrupted by power)

New Moves: Hurricane, Meteor Beam, Earth Power, Softboiled, Stealth Rock, Nasty Plot, Leech Life
Removed Moves: Shell Smash, all Water moves

Description: does very well vs Ursaluna. Slow NP mon is a weird role but Flying+Rock+Ground is good coverage outside of Skarmory. It looks like a vampire.
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Name: Gluttonous Rabid
Original Pokemon: Raticate

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 152 / 122 / 50 / 96 / 60 / 90
Paradox: Sea (corruption)

New Moves: + Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Outrage
Removed Moves: - Swords Dance, Curse


Okay seriously though, this mon is meant to be a choice item abuser with absolutely gargantuan HP and bulk, also being able to run decent bulky sets, and Normal/Dragon is a type that is yet to be explored. Corrupting Storm is also able to punish mons that can easily take this out by chipping them when they've already possibly took a hit from this. However, this mon gets kind of walled by mons like Clefable who are free to tank its pool of coverage options. Still a decent bulky mon however.
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Pure Char
Origin: Magcargo
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 91/85/149/125/81/39
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Strange Steam, Misty Explosion, Misty Terrain, Defog

Removed Moves: Smog, Toxic, Ancient Power, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Shell Smash

Description: Based on charcoal filters and taking a similar concept and signature move from Galar Weezing, it uses pure clean fire to cleanse the air around itself. With its enhanced bulk and much better defensive typing Pure Char is able to finally be the bulky special attacker I've always wanted it to be, plus it has the option to run a stealth rock misty explosion suicide lead set if that's more your speed.

Inclement Cloud
Origin: Altaria
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 96/60/100/100/134/80
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge, Rising Voltage, Discharge, Charge Beam, Weather Ball, Derecho Downpour, Wish

Removed Moves: Roost, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave, Ice Beam

Derecho Downpour: dragon - special - 85 bp - 95% acc - 10 pp - Summons rain if it knocks out a pokemon

Description: Based on stormy sea weather and thunderstorms in general it's a pretty standard branch from base Altaria, however while they can fly they much prefer sitting in the ocean and being carried from coast to coast on currents. With its signature move plus access to thunder and hurricane this thing can pack a punch with enough bulk to stay on the field for as long as it needs to
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Pokemon Name: Eggcellent Cypress
Original Pokémon: Exeggutor
Type:Grass / Ghost
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats:126 / 96 / 106 / 126 / 70 / 46
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Shadow Ball / Will-o-Wisp / Hex
Removed Moves: All psychic type moves except light screen / reflect / rest / calm mind / trick room

Description:Based on cypress trees, specifically the ones underwater that have adapted to survive their new habitat due to water levels rising. If they never evolved, they’d die, which would be this mon. Is taller than a regular Exeggutor but shorter than its alolan cousin, and has more and longer leaves. The…eggs? coconuts? Whatever they are, they each have terrified faces that never change expression.
Competitive Role: Physical tank with burn spreading, or trick room special sweeper.
Name: Corrupted Pixie
Original Pokemon: Gengar
Type:Poison / Fairy
Ability:Corrupting Storm
Stats:116 / 70 / 84 / 110 / 100 / 90

New Moves:Moonblast / Draining Kiss / Aromatherapy
Removed Moves:Focus Blast

Description:Corrupted Pixie was originally a clefable possessed by a gengar, the 2 constantly fighting for control over their body. Eventually, the 2 learned to share their body, becoming a new species altogether. It looks like a clefable, but with its color drained, so it’s a muted purple now. It has gengar’s large mouth.
Competitive Role: kinda bulky special attacker. Can do cleric things.

Name:Mechanical Titan
Original Pokemon:Machamp
Type:Fighting / Steel
Ability:Cleansing Fire
Stats:105 / 95 / 100 / 110 / 85 / 75

New Moves:Vacuum Wave / Focus Blast / Flash Cannon / Iron Head / Flamethrower
Removed Moves:None

Description:Mechanical Titan was formerly a Machamp that had fallen in battle. It’s consciousness was placed in a robotic body resembling a Machamp, only taller, and having special components such as a flamethrower. It can punch fast enough to blast waves of wind at its opponent.
Competitive Wall: Vacuum Wave’s chien pao into oblivion. Can be physical if it wants
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Name: Twisted Fangs
Original Pokemon: Mawile
Type: Water/Fairy
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 112/108/122/96/78/74 (590 BST)
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Aqua Tail, Chilling Water, Dazzling Gleam, Defog, Gust, Hurricane, Hydro Pump, Liquidation, Moonblast, Surf, Waterfall, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Whirlpool
Removed Moves: Bite, Crunch, Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Ice Fang, Iron Head, Metal Burst, Sandstorm, Solar Beam, Stealth Rock, Steel Beam, Sunny Day, Swords Dance, Thunder Fang, Toxic, Vise Grip

Description: Fat af fairy with Defog and Knock for utility as well as a solid enough attack stat to avoid being passive, though lacks recovery. Think Great Tusk but more defensively oriented. Completely blanks Dnite, Weavile and Heracross among others, making it a great physical wall only really vulnerable to Sneasler and maybe Leafeon. However, its lower special bulk is especially bad for dealing with Special threats as many of those such as Venusaur, Zapdos or Nidoking can hit it for super effective damage. It's also quite vulnerable to status. Very good overall physically defensive mon and easy to fit defogger.

Name: Charred Dust
Original Pokemon: Butterfree
Type: Bug/Fire
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 89/73/123/123/89/73 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave,hi Incinerate, Inferno, Lava Plume, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp
Removed Moves: Hurricane, Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder, Rain Dance, Teleport, Toxic, Whirlwind

Description: Our Bug types are bad and our Fire types are kinda lacking so I made this. What? You wanted an actual description?
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Yung Dramps

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Name: Legged Legion
Original Pokemon: Exeggutor + Exeggutor-Alola (Think Iron Valiant)

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 101 / 121 / 89 / 121 / 79 / 59 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Combined movepools of both Exeggutors + Bulk Up, Psychic Fangs
Description: A 6-headed, 4-legged Exeggutor centipede.

Name: Soul Stage
Original Pokemon: Corsola + Cursola

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 74 / 84 / 100 / 130 / 100 / 82 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Combined movepools of both Corsolas
Removed Moves: Strength Sap
Description: This one's a bit abstract, but my idea was that the two Corsolas both have their faces appear such that they look like the Comedy & Tragedy faces, with their coral mixing and melding to form some sort of "stage" they inhabit as the name suggests.
this guy's mushroom is fuckin HUGE. like ten feet tall.
"huge" "ten feet tall" pick one you coward


Name: Silver Bullet
Original Pokemon: Remoraid
Type: Steel/Fairy
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 66/154/66/152/66/66 (570)
Paradox: Sea (Corruption)

New Moves: Spirit Break, Fairy Wind, Moonblast, Moonlight, Iron Head, Mirror Shot, Flash Cannon, Bite, Crunch, Night Daze
Removed Moves: All water moves except Water Pulse

A Remoraid twisted by dark forces. Its skin has taken a pale sheen like the light of the moon, and its horn has split to resemble lupine ears. Its form has twisted more towards the weaponized part of its being rather than the piscine, and its eyes have become baleful and filled with hate.

While definitely a glass cannon, Silver Bullet's excellent defensive type means it isn't too easy to dismantle. Really just made because I wanted to name something Silver Bullet.
I finished reading God of Highschool Recently lol
Type: Fighting / Rock
Cleansing Fire
Stats: 89 HP / 109 Atk / 75 Def / 109 SpA / 75 SpD / 113 Spe
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Axe Kick, Drain Punch, Mach Punch, Superpower, Aura Sphere, Accelerock, Power Gem, Ancient Power, Meteor Beam, Fly, Air Slash, Defog, Rapid Spin, Extreme Speed, Calm Mind, Surf, Aqua Cutter, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Bone Rush
Removed Moves: Thrash, Fury Swipes, Covet, Outrage

Description: It’s the monkey king, I have Primeape a stat distribution more similar to Infernape while further referencing the myth through typing and moves. In terms of tying into the Sky category, the monkey king has the ability to reincarnate, which in this case could reference to Ho-oh’s rebirth abilities. Mechanically speaking, this Mon can do it all. With a great speed tier, SR, and U-Turn, it can act as a fantastic lead. A diverse physical and special movepool, alongside Bulk Up and Calm Mind, may allow for offensive shenanigans on either front.

Time to use an example from my slate 0 sub
Type: Electric / Ghost
Cleansing Fire

New Moves:
Removed Moves:


Obligatory FE reference
Type: Water / Flying
Corrupting Storm
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sea paradox subs have been going hard so far, will just sub for sky

Name: Gilded Fleece
Original Pokemon: Mega Ampharos

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 109 HP / 135 Atk / 117 Def / 107 SpA / 79 SpD / 43 Spe / 590 BST
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Body Press, Bulk Up, Dazzling Gleam, Drain Punch, Draining Kiss, Hammer Arm, Horn Drill, Horn Attack, Misty Terrain, Misty Explosion, Moonblast, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Thunder Hammer


Base Power: 90
Accuracy: 100
PP: 15
Effect: Lowers the user's Speed by 1 stage.
Priority: 0
Flags: Contact, Protect, Punch, Mirror
Removed Moves: After You, Confuse Ray, Dragon Pulse, Hold Back, Laser Focus, Odor Sleuth, Screech

Description: Currently, our only bulky Electric is Zapdos and every Electric happens to be a special attacker (aside from the mid Electivire). The number of viable Fairies is low is well. So I wanted to diversify our options for both typings. Gilded Fleece serves as a physically offensive tank with a great overall typing. Its defensive profile and bulk allows it to check theats such as Gapdos, Goltres, Scizor and Heracross while boasting a strong offensive presence thanks to its STAB combo, access to Fighting and Fire coverage as well as a monstrous 135 Atk. Gilded Fleece is able to keep itself healthy with Drain Punch, provide support with Heal Bell and slow pivot with VSwitch. Lefties is likely the item of choice for longevity, tho AV lets it be an overall sponge while Band grants it more power. It also has set-up options in BU and Cotton Guard, the latter being able to greatly abuse BPress.
Gilded Fleece: An Ampharos Clad in Gold?!
  • This mysterious being is named Gilded Fleece after a similarly described creature in the Book of Enigmas. It looks similar to Ampharos when they undergo a certain phenomenon elsewhere in the world, but it's unclear if there is any connection.
  • Much of this creature’s body is wrapped in a mane of golden wool that glistens like sunshine. This wool is extremely tough and can absorb impacts with nary a tear. With shimmering wool as armor and giant horns as weapons, Gilded Fleece can batter any foe into submission.

Inspired by the golden fleece of Greek myth. Takes elements from Flaaffy (similar to how Roaring Moon takes elements from Shelgon), having pink skin and a curly mane of wool. On its head are pair of ram-like horns.

Name: Divine Guide
Original Pokemon: Murkrow

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 89 HP / 87 Atk / 123 Def / 117 SpA / 73 SpD / 81 Spe / 570 BST
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Aura Sphere, Body Press, Bulk Up, Focus Blast, Hurricane, Vacuum Wave
Removed Moves: Mean Look, Night Shade, Quash, Scary Face

Description: Once again wanted to diversify options for types. Divine Guide stands out as the only Dark or Fighting with reliable recovery while also being the only specially-offensive Fighting. Divine Guide also happens to be a Rock-resistant Defogger, making it excellent hazard control. Divine Guide can pack a mean BPress with max Def investment while Foul Play lets it deal with set-up sweepers such as Gyarados and Scizor. Other options include TWave, Taunt, U-Turn and Whirlwind. Divine Guide can also pull off a NP set, using Heat Wave as coverage and Vacuum Wave to take out faster threats.
Divine Guide: Ambassador of the Sun?!
  • There have been unconfirmed sightings of a Murkrow bearing three legs that soars near the highest peaks of Mt. Mortar. These sightings line up with a creature that appears in the Book of Enigmas known as Divine Guide.
  • According to Johtonian folklore, Divine Guide is the result of a particularly courageous Murkrow that has been given Ho-Oh's blessing. An emperor from long ago was said to have been assisted by Divine Guide through a perilous journey.

Inspired by the Yatagarasu of Japanese folklore. Basically a Murkrow with Honchkrow's wings in addition to having claws that emerge from its tail feathers.
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Name: Zapping Dragonfly
Original Pokemon: Yanmega
Type: Bug/Electric
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 95 / 67 / 129 / 125 / 77 / 77
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Electric Terrain, Shocking Flee
Removed Moves: Psychic
*Shocking Flee - Summon Electric Terrain and switch out of the field.
Description: Enables Electric Terrain teams, especially Raichu-Alola. Supposedly a bulky support Pokemon with useful resistances, especially Fighting.
Its wings generate electric shocks that build up, electrifying its surroundings. People say they are similar to Yanmega, yet they've also seen them hunt down said Yanmega.
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Surfing Rhydon.png

Name: Monster Surfer
Original Pokemon: Rhydon

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 104 / 94 / 94 / 134 / 52 / 92
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Spikes, Shore Up, Sludge Wave, Chilling Water, Wave Crash, Agility
Removed Moves: All Rock-type moves

Description: Inspired by the anime, I've always dreamed of Rhydon effectively using Surf. Rhydon can now make use of its wide special movepool. Hydro Pump, Surf, Earth Power, take your pick! It also has colorful coverage that includes Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, and Focus Blast. It loses Stealth Rock but gains Spikes as a trade-off to give it a more unique niche while also gaining a recovery move in Shore Up. Its stats and movepool allows it to function as a wallbreaker or as offensive support with Spikes.
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Name: Tangled Serpent
Original Pokemon: Furret

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 83 / 115 / 93 / 63 / 77 / 139 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Growth, Seed Bomb, Giga Drain, Power Whip, Taunt, Trailblaze, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball, Wrap, Swords Dance, Leech Seed, Tail Slap
Removed Moves: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Ice Punch, Rain Dance, Surf, Water Pulse, Aqua Tail, Whirlpool
Description: This Pokémon appears to be a more powerful form of Furret and has only been seen at the top of extremely tall trees. This Pokémon's fur is so impossibly long that it's not known how long its body actually is.
WIP (Speed Control: The Pokémon. Furret's insane movepool pays great dividends here, making Tangled Serpent great offensive pivot with strong STABs in Double-Edge and Power Whip, setup in Swords Dance, a fast SubSeed, utility in U-Turn and Trick, and coverage in Knock Off and Fire Punch. Normal/Grass is a very meh offensive typing, so it will always struggle with Steel-types, specifically Skarmory as +2 Fire Punch does not OHKO and you'll either get Body Pressed or phazed, and it doesn't appreciate Flying-types like Dragonite either. Still, a fast pivot is a fast pivot and Tangled Serpent does exactly that.)
Tangled Serpent @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Cleansing Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Double-Edge
- Power Whip
- Knock Off / Fire Punch
- U-turn / Swords Dance

Tangled Serpent @ Choice Band
Ability: Cleansing Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Double-Edge
- Power Whip
- Knock Off / Fire Punch / Trick
- U-turn

Tangled Serpent @ Leftovers
Ability: Cleansing Fire
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Power Whip
- Substitute
- Leech Seed
- Knock Off

Name: Prismatic Needle
Original Pokemon: Dewgong

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 91 / 121 / 85 / 85 / 85 / 103 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Morning Sun, Swords Dance, Ice Spinner, Draco Meteor, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Scale Shot, Pin Missile, Spike Cannon, Spikes, Snowscape
Removed Moves: Rain Dance, Aqua Jet, Belch, Entrainment
Description: This Pokémon appears to be a more powerful form of Dewgong and has only been seen in mountaintop rivers. This Pokémon's horn is always pointed directly towards the sun, creating a blinding beacon of light from the reflection.
WIP (Swords Dance + Loaded Dice Scale Shot + Icicle Spear + Drill Run or Pin Missile for coverage or Spikes for utility. All I need to say.)
Prismatic Needle @ Loaded Dice
Ability: Cleansing Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Icicle Spear
- Scale Shot
- Drill Run / Pin Missile / Spikes

Name: Silent Wings
Original Pokemon: Noctowl

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 100 / 64 / 104 / 130 / 72 / 100 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Spite, Hex, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, Phantom Force, Shadow Sneak, Rapid Spin, Dark Pulse
Removed Moves: Heat Wave, Mud-Slap
Description: This Pokémon appears to be a more powerful form of Noctowl and has only been seen near coastlines. If you look away for even a second, this Pokémon will disappear into the night, likely never to be seen again.
WIP (Flying/Ghost is an amazing offensive typing, bolstered by Silent Wings' great 130 SpA, good 100 Speed, and setup options in Nasty Plot and Agility/Rapid Spin. It's not all sunshine (or moonlight ig) and rainbows for Silent Wings, due to Weavile's existence, its lack of U-Turn, and poor defensive typing that undermines its bulk, but at the same time, it's a Ghost-type with 130 SpA and Nasty Plot, so it'll likely be a top Pokemon by default.)
Silent Wings @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Corrupting Storm
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Nasty Plot
- Shadow Ball
- Hurricane
- Agility / Moonblast

Silent Wings @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Corrupting Storm
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Hex
- Hurricane
- Thunder Wave
- Roost

Name: Argent Artist
Original Pokemon: Smeargle

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 84 / 86 / 74 / 124 / 74 / 128 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sea
Movepool: Lugia's entire movepool (except Psycho Boost, Recover, and Roost) + Healing Wish, Flash Cannon, Night Shade, Focus Blast, Magnet Rise, Steel Beam, Nasty Plot, U-Turn
Description: This Pokémon appears to be a more powerful form of Smeargle and has only been seen at night near the Whirl Islands. This Pokémon obsessively creates paintings of Lugia, decorating the caves it resides in with it.
WIP (Normal/Steel is a pretty bleh typing all-around, but with Nasty Plot, a great 123 SpA, and a great movepool, Argent Artist can do a lot. Being able to revenge kill Weavile is super nice and generally keeps it safe from most revenge kill attempts from non-Scarfers or the super rare Jolteon. Kinda like a Torn-T that trades a great typing, Heat Wave, and Regen for not getting bodied by Weavile, not needing Boots, and having Healing Wish.)
Argent Artist @ Choice Specs
Ability: Corrupting Storm
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Flash Cannon
- Focus Blast
- Ice Beam / Trick / Healing Wish
- U-turn

Argent Artist @ Life Orb
Ability: Corrupting Storm
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Flash Cannon
- Focus Blast
- Ice Beam
- Nasty Plot
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Ability: Light Power
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:sv/flareon: (+ :sv/eevee::sv/vaporeon::sv/jolteon::sv/umbreon::sv/espeon::sv/leafeon::sv/glaceon::sv/sylveon:)
Name: Rainbow Flare
Original Pokemon: Eevee + Flareon (with other Eeveelutions for design)
Type: Fire / Normal
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 95 HP / 145 Atk / 85 Def / 65 SpA / 125 SpD / 55 Speed | 570 BST
Paradox: Sky

The movepool changes takes Eevee and Flareon’s movepool in mind; as such, Rainbow Flare don’t get other moves from Eeveelutions.
New Moves: Sacred Tackle*, Leaf Blade, Waterfall, Zen Headbutt, Knock Off, Zing Zap, Spirit Break, Mountain Gale, Hone Claws, Bulk Up, Slack Off, Nature Power, Swords Dance
Removed Moves: Covet, Swift, Tackle, Tickle, Mud-Slap, Shadow Ball, Pay Day, Fake Tears, Attract
Type: Fire
Category: Physical
Base Power: 90
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 10 (16)
Flags: Protect (fails against Protect + variants)
This move ignores the target’s Ability. No contact.
Description: Flareon-alike Paradox Pokémon with traits of other Eeveelutions, as well as their fluffier fur having rainbow-colored gradient. It was used to be either an Eevee or a Flareon before being reincarnated by Ho-Oh, and blessed with the capacity of using a variety of different types of moves.
Competitive Potentials: With higher HP, thus overall better bulk, and actual coverage (including BoltBeam in the form of Zing Zap and Mountain Gale), in addition to a reliable Fire-type signature that ignores Abilities and contact-penalizing mechanics. Low physical bulk still sucks without Bulk Up set-up, and gains an obnoxious weakness to Fighting.

Name:Captain Star
Original Pokemon: Ledian
Type: Bug / Fairy
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 91 HP / 123 Atk / 105 Def / 67 SpA / 123 SpD / 61 Speed | 570 BST
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Sacred Punch, Play Rough, Fire Punch, Megahorn, Healing Wish, Sky Uppercut, Jet Punch, Moonblast, Moonlight
Removed Moves: Knock Off, Tailwind, Supersonic, Air Slash, Bide, Psybeam, Thief, Attract
Type: Fairy
Category: Physical
Base Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 5 (8)
Flags: Protect (fails against Protect + variants), contact, punch
The user’s Punching moves will have their power boosted by 1.5x for the next turn.
Description: Ledian-alike Paradox Pokémon blessed by Ho-Oh, becoming a night hero of the stars and the moon. The antennas become long and shiny, and the eyes are surrounded by crescent moon marks.
Competitive Potentials: Wallbreaker with the ability to boost their punching moves with Sacred Punch, allowing for interesting techs like SubPunch or Sacred Punch + Jet Punch combo. Sacred Punch’s low PP means you need to use it wisely. Also, we need more Fairy Pokémon as Johto isn’t known to have many of them.
Name:Broken Heart
Original Pokemon: Luvdisc
Type: Water / Poison
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 70 HP / 112 Atk / 70 Def / 112 SpA / 70 SpD / 136 Speed | 570 BST
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: False Kiss*, Memento, Fake Tears, Taunt, Torment, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Acid, Acid Spray, Gunk Shot
Removed Moves: Hail + Snowscape, Sweet Kiss, Lucky Chant, Heart Stamp, Heal Pulse, Charm, Captivate, Attract, Wish
Type: Poison
Category: Special
Base Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 10 (16)
Flags: Protect (fails against Protect + variants)
The user blows an insincere kiss, with a 30% chance of lowering the target’s Special Defense by 1 stage if hit.
Description: Based of broken hearts and false hope, this Luvdisc lookalike is a result of a Pokémon abandonned by a cruel mate, leaving it dying from poisoning. The chaotic energy of the ocean caused it to become a shell of it’s former self, poisoning all those who have a sense of love and hope.
Competitive Potentials: Very fast sweeper, making up for lack of set-up with the ability to slowly cripple special walls. Memento can be used to keep down potential opposing sweepers, but keep in mind that self-fainting does not procs Corrupting Storm.
Name:Typhoon Balloon
Original Pokemon: Wigglytuff
Type: Fairy / Electric
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 128 HP / 80 Atk / 102 Def / 132 SpA / 72 SpD / 54 Speed | 570 BST
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Storm Rage*, Nasty Plot, Aeroblast, Fly, Air Slash, Hurricane, Moonblast
Removed Moves: Charm, Captivate, Attract, Last Resort, Heal Pulse, Present, Sing, Reflect, Light Screen, Sweet Kiss, Double-Edge
Type: Electric
Category: Special
Base Power: 130
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 5 (8)
Flags: Protect (fails against Protect + variants)
The user unleash a reckless barrage of lightning bolts, damaging all Pokémon, including itself, on the field. The user is still hit even if it fails to hit all other Pokémon.
Description: Based of a storm cloud, this Wigglytuff lookalike is said to be a result of a powerful thunder hitting an unknown Pokémon, causing it to become corrupted by the unstable storm-driven electricity.
Competitive Potentials: Slow, physically bulky Fairy / Electric type that have a powerful, consistent STAB, namely Storm Rage. While easy to revenge kill, it’s Nasty Plot set can prove annihilating. However, Storm Rage’s drawback means that it will always hurt itself it is keep using this move, even if the opponent is Ground-type or have Volt Absorb / Lightning Rod.
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Name: Spindle Claw
Original Pokemon: Kingler

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 66 / 70 / 130 / 124 / 100 / 80 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Bug Buzz, Lunge, Metamorphosis*, String Shot, Spider Web, Sticky Web
Removed Moves: None



Base Power: 120
Accuracy: 90
PP: 10 [16 Max]
Effect: This attack charges on the first turn and executes on the second. Raises the user's Special Attack by 1 stage on the first turn. If the user is holding a Power Herb, the move completes in one turn.
Priority: 0
Flags: Same as Meteor Beam
Flavor: First turn it wraps itself in fibers, similar to a cocoon, consolidating energy. Second turn it bursts from the fibers, shooting the fibers at the target. Spiders don't do Metamorphosis, however this move is actually in reference to the poem Metamorphoses, where Arachne got brought back to life as the first spider.

Description: Spider Crab taken literally.

Description within the Silver Book: This odd Pokémon bears resemblance to Kingler. However, its claws are far smaller and wrapped in fibers, qualities that it utilizes in order to weave nets. This led us to call it "Spindle Claw." It was observed that Spindle Claw traverses the sea floor with its long, spindly legs, catching unsuspecting prey within its net.
Gold Dex: It bears a slight resemblance to a Pokémon described in a dubious magazine as a Kingler with properties similar to an Ariados.
Silver Dex: This Pokémon has only ever once been documented. Within the Silver Book, it was dubbed "Spindle Claw."

A web setter that is far more viable (compared to Ariados and Cricketune) and far less passive (compared to Shuckle) than our rather weak selection of webbers in the meta. Fulfils the currently lacking category of viable special bugs as of now (the only other is really Yanmega), with Bug/Water/Ice coverage. Defensively its bulk is rather strong, allowing to especially switch-in on physical threats. Water/Bug defensively provides some valuable resists, most notably against Fighting, Ground, and Ice breakers. More specifically, it's typing can also resist both of Mamoswine's STABs, something no other mon in the meta can do.

Name: Radiant Bloom
Original Pokemon: Sunflora

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 75 / 105 / 65 / 105 / 95 / 125 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Aura Sphere, Dazzling Gleam, Focus Blast, Force Palm, Low Kick, Low Sweep, Power Whip, Superpower, Uproot*, Vacuum Wave
Removed Moves: Growth



Base Power: 60
Accuracy: 100
PP: 20 [32 Max]
Effect: User Switches out after hitting the target.
Priority: 0
Flags: Same as Flip Turn

Description: Based around multicolored sunflowers.

Description within the Gold Book: This flower bears a strong resemblance Sunflora. It's vibrant, multicolored petals appear to be the result of excessive built up energy. Its magnificent petals have led us to call it "Radiant Bloom." Unlike standard Sunflora, Radiant Bloom's body appears to be wrapped in vines, reinforcing its body to enable far greater mobility.
Gold Dex: It is believed that this Pokémon is actually the flower described within the Gold Book as the Radiant Bloom.
Silver Dex: Its vibrant flower bears similarities to a Pokémon described in a dubious magazine. Its variegated petals are said to emit a warm glow, filling those around it with energy.

Fast, Mixed Offensive Pivot, a role our current Grass and Fighting types are generally lacking in. Its high speed and STAB coverage threatens out several offensive threats. Most notably is Ursaluna, which it threatens to OHKO via Leaf Storm. It also threatens out Weavile, who in no world wants to take a 4x effective STAB Vacuum Wave. Of course, it's incredibly frail build makes it hard to switch in, requiring the support of defensive pivots in order to properly work. This thing also hates Crobat: it resists literally anything Radiant Bloom can throw its way, and Crobat outspeeds and threatens with 4x effective damage.
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:ss/Magmar:+ :ss/magmortar:
Name: Carnage Karura
Original Pokemon: Magmar
Type: Fire / Ground
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 78 / 84 / 88 / 124 / 68 / 128
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail,bEarthquake, Earth Power, Stealth Rocks
Removed Moves: None
Description: Back when the Whirl Islands were a single island, a group of Magmar lived in the island. When Lugia tore the island into 4 pieces, the population of Magmar was forced to fight each other for scarce resources. The strongest of them all developed into the Carnage Karura.
Design resembles mostly Magmar's design but the pallet for the the yellow and red of its design is inverted + one of its arms is like Magmortar.
Competitive Description:
I had noticed that the meta is lacking fire types that can switch into stealth rocks safely besides Paldean Tauros (which surprisingly looks like a nice mon) and so i came up with this. it is fast enough to outspeed weavile and fire + ground + fighting coverage is nice to have, but without Magmortar's electric coverage it is walled by waters and some ground types. Chosen to be Sea paradox since the ability fits it better.

:ss/electabuzz: + :ss/electivire:
Name: Ohmic Oni
Original Pokemon: Electabuzz
Type: Electric / Rock
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 65 / 133 / 87 / 75 / 105 / 105
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Double Shock, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb Smack down, Stone Axe, Stone Edge.
Removed Moves: Ice Punch
Once mischievous and cruel, electabuzz found redemption at the hands of Ho-oh when revived after a defeat at the hands of a Carnage Karura. It now guards the entrances to shrines all around the Johto region, protecting it withs its inmense stone mace.
Design resembles mostly a bigger Electabuzz, with the yellow and the dark colors of its palette and red eyes, with its wires serving as a belt.Arms are as bulky as Electivire and it has devil horns. It also now holds a giant maze made of rocks.
Competitive Description:
A physical electric type seems nice. This mon is faster than Electrivire and hits way harder, but ground types wall it hard. It also can set up rocks with Stone Axe to support the team, plus it also happens to check flying types like Zapdos and Moltres well while removing status on kills. Double shock on it does incredible damage, but it is not spammable.
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Name: Raging Tempest
Original Pokemon: Gyarados-Mega
Type: Electric / Dark
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 92 / 84 / 80 / 120 / 118 / 96 [590 BST]
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Nasty Plot, Hurricane, Air Slash
Removed Moves: all Water-type moves except Hydro Pump/Surf/Water Pulse, Ice Beam
The mysterious entity named "Raging Tempest" appears to resemble a similar entity in the Book of Enigmas. It looks similar to Gyarados when it undergoes a certain phenomenon elsewhere in the world, but it's unclear if there's any connection. It was rumored to have been created when a Gyarados was struck by lightning during a particularly ferocious storm, granting it extraordinary powers. That power, however, corrupted its mind with anger and hatred, turning it eternally vengeful. It is rumored that wherever a storm goes, Raging Tempest will follow, creating unprecedented amounts of destruction.
Competitive Description: Nasty Plot wallbreaker. Has decent bulk [particularly on the special side] so it can take a hit or two if needed, and 120 base special attack gives it very good attacking power before and after a boost, especially with your STABs and Hydro Pump for coverage against Ground-types like Ursaluna. However, your defensive typing and somewhat weak physical bulk leave you open against mons like Galarian Zapdos and Heracross. Furthermore, while a speed tier of 96 lets Raging Tempest get the first strike on a good portion of mons, it also leaves it outsped in the face of faster, more offensive threats.

Name: Sacred Mystic
Original Pokemon: Mismagius
Type: Ghost / Fire
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 89 / 67 / 95 / 109 / 121 / 89 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Recover, Wish, Teleport, Energy Ball, Ember
Removed Moves: all Dark-type moves, Icy Wind, Confuse Ray, Scary Face, Spite, Growl, Astonish
This pokemon appears to be a more powerful version of Mismagius and gained its name due to the resemblance between it and another Pokemon in the Book of Enigmas. It is rumored that Sacred Mystic was first created when the spirit of a deceased human gained redemption from Ho-Oh. It wanders throughout the Johto regions, offering guidance and support to those it deems pure-hearted. Sacred Mystic is fiercely loyal to those that befriend it and will fight relentlessly to ensure they do not get put in harm's way.
Competitive Description: Very versatile support mon, Sacred Mystic has plenty of ways to provide for its team. Furthermore, Sacred Mystic has decent bulk on both sides, decent offensive presence, as well as reliable recovery of its own, so it can run a Calm Mind set if you so desire. Despite these upsides, its typing leaves it weak to Stealth Rock and mons like Ursaluna. In addition, it has a bit of an awkward speed tier that leaves it just below the 90 speed benchmark, thus making it easily outsped by faster threats like Annihilape and Weavile.
Name: Luster Wings
Original Pokemon: Heracross
Type: Fighting / Flying
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 103 / 129 / 151 / 67 / 67 / 53 (570)
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Brave Bird, Body Press, Circle Throw, Defog, Drain Punch, Dual Wingbeat, Tailwind, U-turn, Whirlwind
Removed Moves: Bug Buzz, Pounce, Pin Missile, Struggle Bug
Description: This Pokemon resembles Luster Wings, a beetle described within the Book of Enigmas. Once an ordinary Heracross, it prevented an underground disaster at the cost of being crushed by rubble. Miraculously, it emerged from the rubble endowed with wings of gold. Myths, old and new, speak of a golden Heracross periodically descending from above to save those in need. Design is like Heracross, but with proportionately larger wings; a bulkier build; larger, more intelligent eyes; and a golden carapace.
Competitive Description: Big, slow physical wall that can dish out strong hits. The main sets I see this running are defensive utility, bulky setup, and Choice Band: STAB, Defog, Spikes, Toxic, Circle Throw, Whirlwind, and U-turn can be mixed and matched to fit its team's needs; Iron Defense, Bulk Up, or Swords Dance make it into a wincon; and Choice Band turns it into a standard Choiced wallbreaker. Luster Wings lacks recovery, and thus appreciates Wish support to back up its immense bulk. Its ironically lackluster special bulk and poor matchup against several prominent special attacking types make it vulnerable to special attackers, so be sure to pair it with a specially defensive Steel- or Fire-type.

Name: Ghastly Glutton
Original Pokemon: Haunter
Type: Ghost / Dark
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 74 / 118 / 76 / 118 / 86 / 88 (570)
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Crunch, Hone Claws, Poltergeist, Power Trip, Pursuit, Recover, Torment
Removed Moves: Poison moves, Focus Blast, Mean Look, Sunny Day
Description: This Pokemon resembles Ghastly Glutton, a specter described within the Book of Enigmas. Once a regular Haunter, it grew to massive proportion after gorging on an ocean deity's emanant power. Records from various historical ages report ships returning to port, their crews driven mad by a supposed giant Haunter. Design is like Haunter, but with its tongue hanging out, proportionately larger claws, and greater overall scale.
Competitive Description: Mixed attacker that can set up, forces slow physical attackers out with Will-O-Wisp. The main sets I see this running are Hone Claws, Nasty Plot, and Choice Band: Hone Claws, combined with Hypnosis and some combination of Knock Off, Poltergeist, Taunt, Recover, and coverage, can decimate defensive cores; Nasty Plot is a fairly run-of-the-mill bulky sweeper, with Hex, Shadow Ball, and Dark Pulse for STAB and with Will-O-Wisp, Dazzling Gleam, and Taunt for making it past certain checks; Choice Band with something like Poltergeist / Knock Off / Sucker Punch / Pursuit makes for a solid wallbreaker and Pursuit trapper. Ghastly Glutton's Speed tier leaves it vulnerable to getting revenge killed, and should thus be paired with teammates that can either out-offense or stomach hits from revenge killers. It also struggles with breaking past Dark-types, so make sure to pair it with something like Scizor or Heracross.

Name: Argent Bolt
Original Pokemon: Mega Steelix
Type: Steel / Electric
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 64 / 82 / 164 / 64 / 172 / 44 (590)
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Discharge, Parabolic Charge, Rising Voltage, Surf, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Wave Crash, Wild Charge, Whirlpool
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: This Pokemon resembles Argent Bolt, a serpent described within the Book of Enigmas. According to myth, two nations once went to war over a sacred island. A sea deity took notice and, angered by their violent profanity of the island, it sent upon them great bolts of lightning. The lightning rent the island into four, destroying its defilers in the process. Design is like Mega Steelix, but the hexagons marked throughout its body would be replaced with swirls, its face would become more angular, its jaw would lose some of the ridges, and its crystals would have lightning shooting between them.
Competitive Description: Huge mixed wall with Steel-typing and lots of versatility, plays similarly to Heatran. The main sets I see this using are physical wall and special wall, fairly self explanatory. They'd likely run some combination of STAB, Body Press, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Roar, Thunder Wave, and Scorching Sands. Other sets I could see working are Whirlpool trapper with something like Whirlpool / Earthquake / Toxic / Taunt and bulky setup with Curse/Dragon Dance and whatever else. It doesn't any recovery, so make sure to bring Wish support and reliable hazard control. It really hates eating EQs, so pair it with a Ground resist (especially Flying-types, since they also resist Fighting). Some good partners for it might include Gliscor, which can keep hazards off with Defog and come in on Earthquakes and Close Combats aimed at Argent Bolt; Clefable, which can pass Wish and come in repeatedly, keeping Argent Bolt topped off; and Pelipper, which can clear hazards and set rain, nullifying Argent Bolt's Fire weakness and strengthening its Water moves, making it harder for Ground- and Fire-types to switch in.
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Tell me how to make big sprites please

:xy/poliwhirl:]Name: Howly-Whirl
]Original Pokemon:Poliwhirl
]Type: Water/Dark
]Ability: Corrupting Storm
]Stats: 134/58/96/96/114/72
]Paradox: Sea

]New Moves: Hurricane, Aeroblast, Dark Pulse, Knock Off, Acrobatics, Psywave, Psyshock, Psychic, Wrapping Storm
]Removed Moves: Scald
Wrapping Storm: special, Dark, 75 BP. 5 turns trap. Each direct hit Howly takes remove 1 turn of trapping.

]Description: The spiral on it’s belly is now enormous while its eyes become dark and life less. A mouth appears on its spiral that now looks like a maelstrom. It’s members are now falling down.

A Melmetal like playstyle, you’re here, you’re bulky and you hit everything near you. Can trap but not very effectively.

:xy/granbull:]Name: Lamp Loyal
]Original Pokemon: Granbull
]Type: Fire/Fairy
]Ability: Cleansing Fire
]Stats: 57/131/125/93/123/41
]Paradox: Sky

]New Moves: Healing Wish, Wish, Mystical Fire, Will-O-Wisp, Sacred Fire, Eerie Spell, Perish Song, Faithful Hope
]Removed Moves: Sludge Bomb, just all physical movepool except EQ, play Rough , Super Fang, Return and Counter,
Faithful Hope: status, Fire, -50% to the user, can KO it. When another Pokémon switches in, lost HP is gained. Wish with Healing Wish mechanic.

Description: A cleric/monk/whatever religious you want that pries Ho-Oh. Its eyes are closed, it has a candle in its hands, just look kinder and less aggressive and with less muscles. It can’t touch anything dirty and hate violence.

An utility, I gave it Shuckle-like bulk instead if Alomola like because Wish-Pass with that much HP is not fun. It can run Special attacks to PP stall and reduce SpAtk.Can pass HP safely though.

Edit: Just some more ideas

:sm/dhelmise::sm/shuckle::sm/mareanie:]Name: Weed Hunter
]Original Pokemon: Shuckle
]Type: Bug/Ghost (I'd really have wanted to make it grass but there's a clause sadly)
]Ability: Corrupting Sea
]Stats: 34/154/144/96/104/28
]Paradox: Sea
]New Moves: Giga Drain, Synthesis, Strengh Sap, Leech Seed, Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, Liquidation, Surf,
]Removed Moves: All Rock moves, EQ, Shell Smash(vetoed cause I forgot this...)

Description: Some seaweed that floats and kill whatever comes near it. Think a mix of Dhelmise and Mareanie.

High attack, but not that all since it STABs are weak it's not that obnoxious. Shadow Claw does the same that Weavile's Knock Off. (Edit: to not be vetoed it lost 20 Atk so it hits less hard than weavile) It's Melmetal but less bulky and hits less hard, but has Recovery and Hazards. Don't think it hits hard, it does but not as much as you could think, I didn't give it Sneak/Poltergeist/Lunge for some reason:
252+ Atk Take Weed(Palafin-Hero) Aqua Cutter vs. 116 HP / 0 Def Accelgor: 298-352 (90.3 - 106.6%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO
200 Atk Donphan Earthquake vs. 116 HP / 0 Def Accelgor: 303-357 (91.8 - 108.1%) -- 50% chance to OHKO
changed typing but ye it lacks move power.

:sm/groudon-primal::sm/gliscor:]Name: Vulcano Spiteful
]Original Pokemon: Gliscor
]Type: Fire/Ground (I'd really have wanted to make it ghost but there's a clause sadly)I
]Ability: Cleansing Fire
]Stats: 83/91/47/113/151/85 (lol it's just scalemons gliscor with some inversions)
]Paradox: Sea
]New Moves: Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Incinerate, Inferno, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp, Solar Beam, Surf
]Removed Moves: Roost, TAilwind, Wing Attack, Aqua Tail

Description: Wanted a Gliscor that venges itself for all his friends that died from Ice Beams. Its eyes are red and it's like the Groudon tansformation, lava, cruel... It slowly sneaks on the walls (just to remove roost with flavor to not be vetoed lol) and has like scorpions heads spirits around it.

Nice Breaker with Eruption+Recovery, or nice special wall even if it's physical bulk is very bad. Cool typing, makes a good usage of Cleansing Fire.

However, some Pokémon should be allowed to don’t share typing, I want my PsychicGhost Golduck
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Name: Weeping Vine
Original Pokemon: Victreebel

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 100 / 100 / 100 / 80 / 110 / 80 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Spicy Extract
Removed Moves: N/A

Description: Spicy Extract is cool. You might be thinking, ‘isn’t it just worse Screech?’, but you’d be so wrong. You see, this is actually the best Foul Play enabling tool in existence. No special attacker will be safe in the face of your almighty Spicy Extract Foul Play Weeping Vine!!! Alternatively just run it as a wall lol, mon’s got utility out the wazoo.
Very elusive; it is unknown if more than one exists. Resembles a cave described in ancient texts that would lure in the weary with images of great riches and food to then consume them.

Name: Iron Zephyr
Original Pokemon: Jumpluff

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 75 / 65 / 75 / 115 / 105 / 135 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Defog, Flash Cannon, Gyro Ball, Heat Wave, Hurricane, Iron Head, Magnet Rise, Nasty Plot
Removed Moves: N/A

Description: The best SpDef Steel in the meta right now is Scizor. That is cringe, so here’s another option. Taking inspiration from Insurgence’s Delta Noivern because I think that mon is sick af (even though it sucks…), Iron Zephyr is an incredibly dangerous Nasty Plot sweeper in theory, though its horrible STABs would unfortunately beg to differ. Even still, breaking sets are probably quite good, especially with funny move Strength Sap (why does it get that?) to shore up its mediocre-at-best physical bulk.
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NFE and LC Paradoxes are my favourite

Name: Plated Ball
Original Pokemon: Sandshrew
Type: Ground / Steel
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 91 HP / 109 Atk / 127 Def / 93 SpA / 77 SpD / 73 Spe | BST: 570
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Combined Movepool of Sandshrew and Alolan Sandslash, Ice Spinner
Removed Moves: All Ice type moves sans Ice Beam and Ice Shard, Toxic

Description: This Pokémon serves as solid hazard control, assuming most Pokémon are subject to the Gen 9 Defog purge (unironically cool) and can also double as a low-key offensive utility mon due to it's respectable offenses. Special is probably just as viable as physical sets for example.

Name: Winged Serpent
Original Pokemon: Dragonair
Type: Dragon / Flying
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 100 HP / 94 Atk / 76 Def / 108 SpA / 82 SpD / 110 Spe | BST: 570
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Coil, Hurricane, Air Slash, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Whirlwind, Fly, Roost, Snowscape, Haze, Swords Dance
Removed Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Thunder Wave, Sunny Day, Dragon Dance

Description: A strong special Attacker with a decent statline, STAB Hurricane is incredibly hard to switch into, with the few resists being bludgeoned by its secondary STAB or coverage. Swords Dance sets can also pop off.

Name: Aureate Fin
Original Pokemon: Magikarp
Type: Fighting / Water
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 61 HP / 111 Atk / 141 Def / 63 SpA / 53 SpD / 141 Spe | BST: 570
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Magikarp's Movepool + Feebas's Movepool + Reversal, Final Gambit, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Storm Throw, Body Press, Flying Press, No Retreat, Counter, Aqua Jet
Removed Moves: Toxic
Description: Funny set up sweeper, can use either Bulk Up to be a consistent menace or use No Retreat as a no holds barred late game cleaner. It is also plain old excellent at speed control, sporting a 141 speed stat makes it a pain in the ass for offense to deal with. No "good" fighting STAB forces Aureate Fin users to be creative in their means to hit Water resists.
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Name: Shimmering Gem
Original Pokemon: Starmie
Type: Ghost/Psychic
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 98/65/95/115/95/107 (BST 570)
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Shadow Ball, Stealth Rock, Earth Power, Dazzling Gleam
Removed Moves: All Water moves, Ice Beam, Recover.

Description: An amazing hazard setter and spinblocker with solid bulk and speed to bolster these capabilities further. It has a powerful special attack stat to go alongside it's good stabs and solid coverage. However, it's lack of recovery and common weaknesses to offensive types makes it somewhat exploitable and easy to wear down.

Name: Pelagic Horn
Original Pokemon: Nidoking
Type: Poison/Ice
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 72/114/79/117/79/109 (BST 570)
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Ice Spinner, Gunk Shot
Removed Moves: All Fire moves, all Rock moves.

Description: Very strong mixed attacker with a mediocre defensive profile, but very potent offensive profile afforded by solid stabs and amazing coverage alongside excellent mixed attacking stats.

Name: Fabled Flier
Original Pokemon: Dunsparce
Type: Normal / Dragon
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 112/112/112/80/88/68 [BST: 570]
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Dragon Dance, Defog
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: Fufills a rather intresting bulky dragon niche. Has good utility and can run bulky set-up.

:bw/hitmonchan: :bw/hitmontop: :bw/hitmonlee:
Name: Malice Master
Original Pokemon: Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Hitmonlee
Type: Fighting / Dark
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 82/121/97/62/111/97 [BST: 570]
Paradox: Sea
New Moves:
  • Combined movepool of Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop + Aqua Cutter, Jet Punch, Darkest Lariat
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: Master of all of the Hitmon fighting styles, it is said that different Pokemon learned some of the many fighting styles that this Pokemon possessed, and later perfected them.

In competitive, this will be an interesting wallbreaker with solid bulk and utility to boot. Typing is solid defensively and has excellent stabs alongside good coverage and many ways of setting up.
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Name: Augmented Axes
Original Pokemon: Scizor + Kleavor
Type: Steel/Rock
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 75/145/105/65/95/85
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Combined movepools of both Scizor and Kleavor

Description: A lone trainer sat before the ilex shrine with his scyther. Before him were two objects, a sharp black stone and a coating of metal. Two paths lied before him, one of the past and one of the future. He was at a crossroads, and decided to meditate at the shrine. However it was during then that a forest fire had broke out. Both the trainer and its Scyther died in the fire. Ho-Oh looked upon the death of the Scyther and found its loyalty to stay by the trainers side admirable. Thus it resurrected the Scyther, but had it so that both items were applied to it. The end result was Augmented Axes.

In competitive it's a physical wallbreaker and a hazard setter with a meh typing.

:ss/Bellossom: :ss/Vileplume:
Name: Blazing Bloom
Original Pokemon: Bellossom + Vileplume
Type: Grass/Fire
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 75/79/85/121/101/109
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Combined movepools of both Bellossom + Vileplume plus fire blast, flamethrower, and heat wave.
Removed Moves: Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance

Description: Long ago a massive forest fire had occurred in ilex forest. As the weaker pokemon fled the entire gloom population stayed back to evacuate the others and to try and put out the fire. While they succeeded in evacuation they had failed to quell the flames and sadly succumbed to them. The villagers of what would become Azelea town did put out the fire, and in the place of each fallen gloom put a sunstone and a leaf stone, hoping they'd evolve in the next life. Ho-Oh saw this and revived the glooms into something different. The powers of the stones caused them to change into something else, Blazing Blooms. They now had control over the very thing that ended them.

In competitive it's a special sweeper.

Name: Corrosive Claw
Original Pokemon: Sneasel + Sneasel-Hisui
Type: Ice / Poison
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 100/110/80/70/80/130
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Combined movepools of both Sneasels and Knock Off
Removed Moves: Triple Axel (it doesn't get Dire Claw in the first place)

Description: Long ago it is said that johtonian sneasel was simply an ice type inhabiting the region. However it is said one sneasel ventured too far and ended up on the whirl islands. It met Lugia, and it would send it home ... for a price. Its claws became coated in venom. When it had returned it scratched another, and the venom had spread to its claws as well. With every scratch the venom spread until the entire population had the venomous claws. They became powerful hunters, a near unstoppable force. Yet that was not the true price of the venom. Eventually their souls were corrupted, infected by it. They became more and more sinister as the poison on their claws sunk further and further into their souls. Eventually the venom in their claws vanished but their souls were now forever corrupted. Thus creating the modern sneasel.

In competitive it's basically a box standard physical sweeper with an amazing movepool. Not really much else to say there.

:ss/Sandshrew: :ss/Sandshrew-alola:
Name: Domed Domicile
Original Pokemon: Sandshrew + Alolan Sandshrew
Type: Ground / Ice
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 70/110/200/80/60/50
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Combined movepools of both Sandshrews.

Description: Long ago a ship carrying many trainers and their pokemon crashed upon the Whirl Islands. The fates of the trainers were to become another body within the blue abyss of the sea. However with no trainers their pokemon slowly returned to their wild ways. The group of sandshrew that washed up on the shores, were targeted as prey by their former "team mates". Lugia saw this and decided to offer them "protection". Frozen domes made from ice so strong nothing could break through it. The catch, they could never be free from their shelters. It had become a part of them, and made them even bigger targets. Thankfully Lugia, true to its word, said that nothing could break through them, but the sun could still melt them. They were solely dependent on Lugia to restore their shells. Thus began the relationship between Lugia and the Domed Domicals.

In competitive it's a physical wall with a typing that doesn't really help it be a physical wall, and no recovery outside of rest, in order to counter balance its massive defense stat.
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